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Cobb: Packers an ‘ex-girlfriend that broke up with you’

Randall Cobb insisted he did not know when his newest NFL team confronts what had been his only one.
“When is that, November?” Cobb asked, on ESPN Wisconsin per the Wisconsin State Journal through a Friday radio interview.
For the album, the Cowboys host the Packers on Oct. 6. While Cobb might not have marked his calendar, he clearly cares about where he came from.
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“It’s similar to the ex-girlfriend that broke up with you,” Cobb said. “When you visit her five years later, you expect you are in a better position than you were earlier — married, with children, and you are able to say’Yeah, I’d better with no.'”
The 28-year-old Cobb did not just have a decision, noting the Packers never extended an offer this offseason. He might be sporting gold green. A productive eight-year run in Green Bay ended quite unceremoniously as Cobb was plagued by injuries last season and consequently posted near-career lows in many categories.
“I did not really have any conversation personally. I don’t understand how much dialogue there was between my agent and the Packers business,” Cobb said. “But I know there wasn’t an offer placed on the table before or after the deal from Dallas along with a couple other teams. I believe it made my choice easier. If the Packers would have made an offer, I would obviously have had to weigh this decision. But I’m very excited and very pleased to be down in Dallas. I think it’s a great situation and I look forward to this season.”
The former Pro Bowler could fit in well as a secondary choice as he did for so many years with the Packers. The Cowboys are hoping he will bolster a passing game that complements one of the league’s best rushing attacks. Cobb said he’s simply focused on setting himself within the Dallas locker room — an adventure that doesn’t seem all that different from when he broke in with Green Bay in 2011.
“The transition’s been great. Evidently, it was a little bizarre at first,” he explained. “If you are someplace for eight decades after which you go into another group, you kind of feel like the new kid at school — only trying to find your way about and not knowing exactly what to expect. Nonetheless, it’s been fantastic so far. I’ve enjoyed it. I am making strides with my teammates, and I am just hoping to find out the new offense and get ready for the season.
“When you go to a new team, obviously a lot of these guys know me, we played against each other. Nonetheless, it’s different. They want to learn what sort of practice player you’re. They want to learn what sort of teammate you are going to be. And is it? Are you worried about yourself? Or are you going to try to make the guys around you better? The biggest thing for me in this entire process was only trying to make the respect of my teammates and do whatever I can to better myself and improved people around me.”
The transition could be better for Cobb and the Cowboys using a Week 5 win against the Packers.

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