Post Date: November 27, 2019

Hardy vs Serrano: The women’s fight that is smashing the glass ceiling

An outspoken and unbeaten winner against a challenger who has won world titles in a seven divisions that are staggering. After vowing to not step in the ring from each other, they fight in their home city, in the apex of the careers, in one of boxing’s most famous venues.
Heather Hardy vs Amanda Serrano is really a fight, probably the best women’s boxing match. The winner comes with an arrangement to face the darling of fighting, Katie Taylor , in a bout which could be even more esteemed.
All these are the Joshuas, the Wilders, the Furys of the game of the women and also to have Hardy and Serrano share a ring tonight can be a landmark moment.
“That is as good as it gets. They have carried the torch. But we’re only starting to crack the door open – now it’s time to knock the door down,” said their promoter Lou DiBella.
“These girls can just do so much to chip away at the glass ceiling. The glass ceiling has to be brokeninto They deserve fairness and this really is a step in the ideal direction.
“They are trailblazers. The entire world is going to find out what the ladies can do.”
WBO featherweight champion Hardy turned to a fitness center as a divorcee and a young mum. She left and turned pro in 2012, the identical year the Olympics permitted women’s boxing along with Britain’s Nicola Adams became the first gold medallist. Hardy is currently unbeaten in 23 expert fights and, aged 37, eventually will have a fight of the outcome she deserves.
Importantly she has become the most vocal critic of the gender pay gap that exists in boxing – tonight’s fight is going to be a money back for Serrano and also for himself.
“I have been known as the girl who is always talking about pay and equality,” she explained. “That’s no reflection of just how grateful I am for where I am.
“In Madison Square Garden I had been crying along with my mom, saying:’We made it’.”
Hardy and Serrano are both Brooklyn women. Hardy’s fights All have been in New York. The acquaintances promised to not battle each other the trophy for doing so became too tempting to turn down. That day is today and the decoration is the chance to next face Taylor, the legacy and the money – it might be well worth placing aside friendship to get.
Puerto Rico-born Serrano has some history with Taylor. Last year ireland’s premier boxer beat the Serrano sister, Cindy.
Amanda Serrano’s stats think of almost any boxer’s. She’s won world championships in seven categories (that includes lightweight, in which Taylor has every significant belt, along with the division above).
“[Amanda Serrano] is one of the biggest fights out there,” Taylor told Sky Sports before this year. “People have spoken about that fight for years.
“She is very good – a seven-weight world champion, a southpaw, and she is explosive. That’s an exciting struggle.”
Promoter DiBella included:”Amanda is your Arturo Gatti, the Micky Wardthe blood and guts warrior of women’s boxing”
Serrano wore a Superwoman and, such as Hardy, has fought and won in MMA. Her only loss in 38 bouts has been seven years back through decision. She is a fighter and the Taylor battle would be huge.
“It is not unusual anymore to get a women’s battle on a card” Taylor reflected earlier this season after a thunderous victory over Delfine Persoon in Madison Square Garden to become undisputed champion.
“Boundaries are broken down over the past few years – not only with myself, but in addition by Nicola Adams, Claressa Shields and so many fighters who came before usas well, like Jane Couch.”
A brooding esteem is between them although these girls are out for themselves to make supremacy – to raise women’s boxing can be won.

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